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To modern residents of Hong Kong the district of Kowloon City is known more for its authentic restaurants than for any other thing. Right in the heart of the city there is no better place to enjoy the authentic Hong Kong food and the small family run restaurants which are the backbone of our cuisine culture.

The area is not just local Cantonese food though, you will also find here a range of international choices from authentic Patisserie through Halal foods and regional Chinese specialties such as Chiu Chow.  You will also find a good selection of different as Asian regional specialties such as Thai and Vietnamese food.

As befits the Hong Kong delight in snacking and desserts there is a great selection of sweet and specialist dessert restaurants selling all manner of eat in and take away delights.

Small restaurants are the norm in Kowloon City, from upstairs unofficial eateries to stalls in the wet market, this is where the authentic taste of a multi-ethnic Hong Kong is to be found. Here are some hot spots to start off your culinary exploration of our district.

Kowloon City Wet Market

Not a pretty building from the outside we would all agree this government built and operated structure officially known as the Kowloon City Municipal Services Building serves a variety of purposes and the ground floor "wet" market with fresh meat, seafood and vegetables disguises the fact that upstairs there is a thriving food hall.

Cantonese dishesPopulated with vendors who originally had street stalls this large airy space is open from 6am until 2am in the morning and offers a range of foods from quick breakfasts, through noodles to full sit down Cantonese meals.  And as the Thai population has burgeoned in the last 20 years there are popular Thai choices, which can be served authentically Thai spicy or adjusted for Hong Kong, and Western, palettes to the merely very hot.

The building occupies almost a whole city block between Nga Tsin Wai Road and Carpenter Road and is easy to find, follow the signs for the upstairs food hall.

Thai and Vietnamese

As a low rent residential area the district has always attracted a range of immigrants and those from Thailand and Vietnam are the most recent groups and so there are a number of noted eateries catering to these groups, run but these ethnicities themselves, serving hence highly authentic food in their own style.